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Rosenquist, James - Playmate
Rosenquist, James
Oil on canvas in four parts, wood, metal wire, 1966

Estimated price  1.000.000 EUR
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Warhol, Andy - Flowers (10 Blatt)
Warhol, Andy
Flowers (10 Blatt)
10 sheet Silkscreen in colors, 1970

Estimated price  800.000 EUR
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Baselitz, Georg - Fingermalerei - Birke
Baselitz, Georg
Fingermalerei - Birke
Oil on canvas, 1972

Estimated price  800.000 EUR
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Moore, Henry - Working Model for Sheep Piece
Moore, Henry
Working Model for Sheep Piece
Bronze with a greenish-brown patina, 1971

Estimated price  600.000 EUR
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Richter, Gerhard - Herr Uecker
Richter, Gerhard
Herr Uecker
Oil on canvas, 1964

Estimated price  450.000 EUR
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Nay, Ernst Wilhelm - Ene mene ming mang
Nay, Ernst Wilhelm
Ene mene ming mang
Oil on canvas, 1955

Estimated price  400.000 EUR
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Richter, Gerhard - Rot-Blau-Gelb
Richter, Gerhard
Oil on canvas, 1973

Estimated price  350.000 EUR
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Uecker, Günther - Bewegtes Feld
Uecker, Günther
Bewegtes Feld
Nails and white paint on canvas, on wood, 1964

Estimated price  200.000 EUR
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